Monday, August 29, 2011

Marketing hand hygiene to the public – what works?

A recent study published in this month’s American Journal of Infection Control evaluated the effectiveness of hand hygiene posters placed in a hospital’s cafeteria.   The study was conducted over a 5 week period and had three phases which tracked hand hygiene compliance before, during, and after a poster has been placed next to the hand sanitizer stand.  The study found that hospital visitors used sanitizers significantly more frequently during and after the poster was put up than before, suggesting that the poster was effective at inducing people to change behavior. 
In the article’s conclusions, the author described key characteristics of the poster design.  The poster was large and highly visible to visitors, it had bright graphics, a persuasive message that highlights the benefits of hand hygiene, and offered practical advice.   Unpleasant images, passive training, and reminder messages were not included in the design.
To see the actual poster, please go to the article link

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