Tuesday, January 4, 2011

California releases first report on HAIs

Last week California released its first report on hospital acquired infections. The report is the result of a piece of legislation that was passed in 2008, which required all acute care hospitals to report their HAIs to the state.

The State received complete surveillance data from 256 hospitals (66.8% of total). The median hospital-specific BSI rates were:

  • 0.026 per 1000 inpatient-days for MRSA
  • 0.011 per 1000 inpatient-days for VRE
  • 1.10 per 1000 central line days for ICU CLABSI
  • 0.74 per 1000 central line days for non-ICU CLABSI

The State acknowledged that there were significant limitations in the data due to variations in how hospitals conduct surveillance and reporting. Some hospitals submitted incomplete data due to lack of resources, others failed to report any data. Among those who submitted data, the submissions had no standard format.

Instead of trying to fix the State reporting system, California is now requiring all hospitals to report to NHSN. 


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