Monday, December 27, 2010

What's going to be on your next IP Certification exam?

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC) completed a survey in September of this year to evaluate the current role of infection preventionists (IPs) and to determine which topics to cover in the IP certification examination. 

The survey asked practicing IPs to evaluate the 76 tasks that are on the current exam by first deciding whether or not a particular task is necessary for the job and second to rate the task’s significance.  A decision rule was then applied to eliminate tasks from the exam based on the survey results.  Finally the remaining tasks were grouped into themes or content domain and the number of questions for each content domain was assigned.

Here are the tasks that were removed from the exam:

#14 – Determine methods for monitoring and evaluating antimicrobial use
#25 – Use advanced statistical techniques to describe data
#58 – Prepare and manage the infection prevention and control program budget
#75 – Participate in research activities (e.g. product evaluation, prevalence surveys)
#76 – Conduct research in infection prevention and control either independently or collaboratively

Here are the content domains and the number of questions in each one:
1. Identification of infectious disease process – 18 questions
2. Surveillance and epidemiologic investigation – 38 questions
3. Preventing/controlling the transmission of infectious agents – 39 questions
4. Employee/occupational health – 10 questions
5. Management and communication (leadership) – 16 questions
6. Education and research – 14 questions

Total – 135 questions

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