Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Products

Yesterday, RyMed announced that it has received FDA approval for its newest IV connector, InVision-Plus® CS™ with Chlorhexidine-Silver Ion Engineering.  The new needleless connector has a septum that is impregnated with both chlorhexidine and silver ions, as well as a silver-impregnated fluid pathway.  Another new feature is a clear housing that lets clinicians see inside the connector. 

RyMed’s press release:

Censis Technologies, Inc. recently introduced their ScopeTrac system, which is an electronic tracking and management solution for endoscope reprocessing.  Inappropriate endoscope reprocessing can be a risk factor for HAIs, and ScopeTrac’s web-based system guides technicians through the required reprocessing procedures.  ScopeTrac also uses RFID and scanning technology to help manage and track the endoscopes.

Product page:

BMDI International has updated their line of helmet-based, daily-use respirators with the new MAXAIR 710 DLC.  This new product is a light-weight helmet with the air unit completely integrated so there are no hoses to restrict movement.  DLC stands for disposable lens cuff – easier on/off than traditional mask respirators, with no need for fit testing.  The product includes peripheral vision LEDs that give real-time safe airflow and battery information.

Product line page:

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